One Pot Gericht auf Englisch

One Pot dish


350g spaghetti

900ml water

4 spoon olive oil

1 onion

1 garlic

1 hand full of basil

200g tomatoes

3 spoon tomato mark

1 pinch sugar

Salt, pepper and oregano

1 of a pan


You need a pan. Then you give the spaghettis in the pan (spaghetti you must break in the middle). Now you must cut the garlic and the onions and pour ca. 800ml water in the pan. Now quarter the tomatoes and give the tomatoes mark to it. Then give in the pan a pinch sugar and oregano. Now salt and pepper to it and stir it, then wait 5 minutes, this you make a few times and then you can chees to that.

I hope yours had much of fun and good luck!